Wednesday, May 22, 2013

!!! H.T.O.P. Final released !!!

* H.T.O.P. Final released *

After over one year of hard work I am happy to be able to release

Horus Texture Overhaul Project Final
It's done!
Over one year after the first texture was edited, this project has finally come to an end. More than 180 textures were remade from scratch - in uncountable hours of painfull image editing.
The result is really worth it! I promisse that it won't be easy to get your eyes of this game anymore.

Now this project is over, I will spend my time doing other things.
(All fans of Sims 3, visit my Sims 3 Big Apple New York World Blogspot

None the less, I am sure that this wasn't my last journey to the Nile, as now, there is really a reason to zoom in and watch my ancient egypt metropolis grow and grow!

Concerning this blog, I will try to maintain it as long as possible to make sure that the files are ready to download in the future and to be able to respond to feedback or help solving problems.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to all you dear visitors, who have encouraged me to keep on working on the project.

Have fun playing this great game so that it won't be forgotten over time!
May your journeys on the Nile always be peaceful.



Friday, February 1, 2013

Thanks for over 100 downloads

Hi all,

I want to thank you for over 100 downloads of H.T.O.P. 0.2, which shows that there are still some people playing CotN and my work is somehow legitimized.

The final version is nearly 100 % finished and in my opinion, it looks really great. Only very small adaptions have to be made until the release.

I hope you still enjoy the game and you are looking forward to H.T.O.P. final !

Best Regards,