Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finally some news...

Hello all,

at first, I have to apologize for not posting over such a long time. I have been very busy and there has been very little time for working on the H.T.O.P. None the less, I have added some screenshots, showing my current work. I have redone the crops once again, making them even more realistic. I have also turned the flax fields into more realistic ones.

Moreover, I have something exciting for you today:

The Children of the Nile ENB-SERIES is ready for download. I have spent many hours configurating to find a good mixture of nice effects, performance and quality. Feel free to try and decide if you like the new look of your game.
All credits go to Boris Vorontsov.

You can find the download here :

or under the download section.

Your game will get a totally new look with really nice effects. Be aware that the ENB will increase loading time and cosume a lot more performance power than the original game. If your machine is too slow, you should better skip this. In addition, I heard that in some rare cases you may get overheating problems concerning your graphic-card, but I never experienced those problems. I don't take any responsibility, of course.

To get the ENB to work, download the zip-file and extract the d3d9.dll and the enbseries.ini to your game directory. The mod is set to work. If  you start your game, a text will show up in the left corner of the screen, so you can be sure that the mod is working.

To disable the ENB ingame, simply press shift+F12.
To disable ambient occlusion, press shift+F10. This should result in a performance boost, as AO is a very performance hungry, but  truly magnificent effect
To uninstall the mod, delete the d3d9.dll

I wish you a lot of fun with the ENB-SERIES and I really hope that you still enjoy my project.



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