Take a look at the screenshots to get an impression of what H.T.O.P. is doing with your game!

07.05.2013:  Screenshot-Comparison between CotN vanilla and H.T.O.P. 3.0 beta


                                            (max. graphic settings, no enb-series activated)

29.08.12: The beauty of egypt

29.08.12: Real Estate for rich egyptians

22.08.12: society is build upon the working ones - pauper houses, worker huts and farms

 22.08.2012: governmental services open to the public

 22.08.2012 : a good day to work in a fresh environment

 22.08.2012: finest goods for sale

01.07.12 : redone crops and flax fields

13.05.12 : CotN with ENB-series and various graphic effects
                  (SSAO, Antialising, DOF, Motion Blur etc.)

16.04.12.: elites partly redone

16.04.12: the real "children of the nile"

28.02.12: working on the environment

24.02.12: new ship textures




local barge

24.02.12: new road texture

24.02.12: new papyrus reed

14.02.12: screenshot comparison original/H.T.O.P.

priest (not finished)

priest (max. zoomed in)

13.02.12: new crops-texture


13.02.12: new animals-texture


  1. Wow man, good job! I love this game so Ill definitely check this site regularly.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. It's good to know that people find here. Will upload some new screens soon.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this cant wait to go home and add it :D