CotN Post Processing + Antialiasing

 Here you will find some information about the two post processing softwares provided on this blog.

Children of the Nile Enb series

This tool is a great development coming form a russian guy named Boris Vorontsov. It became really famous with GTA4 as it gave that game nearly photorealistic graphics. By now, many presets have been made for various games so I thought why not doing one for CotN.
The software brings some great new effects like depth of field and several colour adaptions. The best of all is the Ambient Occlusion effect, making the game look really realistic. Unfortunately, the software increases loading time and consumes a lot of performance power, so it may not run on older systems. None the less, it's worth a try.

- Depth of Field
- Ambient Occlusion
- Bloom
- Reflection
- Color Adaption

This pictures show how the game can look like using CotN Enb series

FXAA Post Process Injection

Thanks to the guys from , who provide their  FXAA Post Process Injection software for free, we can use new graphic effects in CotN. The good thing is that it's all very performance friendly.

- AntiAliasing (no more ugly edges)
- Bloom
- Sharpening
- Coloring

I made a preset, which can be found in the download section. None the less, I am sure that you will have to change the look to fit your personal taste. As you can easily change settings ingame, this should not be a big problem.

This picture show how the game can look like using FXAA Post Process Injection

You can change the settings while your in the game, so you will directly see the changes. Play around until the graphics suit to your preferences.

Thanks for all the people who made this great tool! All credits go to them!
If you have questions, just write a comment. I will try to help you.




  1. Hi, I tried to download the .zip file here and the link seems broken. Could you re-upload it? Or include it in extra in the HTOP archives? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I am sorry for the dead link. Fixed it!