Here you'll find the latest version of  H.T.O.P. ready to download.

H.T.O.P. Version 0.2 

The current version of the H.T.O.P.

Be sure to check the readme for install instructions and to backup your graphics folder before  copying the new textures.
Note:  H.T.O.P 0.1 is included in here


ENB-SERIES for Children of the Nile

A powerful graphic modification, bringing in new effects and improving image quality. Still in beta stage, will need further improvment.
Important: May consume a lot of performance power. Try at your own risk!


Horus Post Processing Preset 2.0

(used sharpening, less dark, more like the original game)

This will add some post processing effects to the game, while beeing perfomance friendly. If the ENB doesn't suite your taste, you may give this one a try.


  1. I've been playing CoTN since I beta tested its original incarnation. Will be looking forward to what you come up here! :)

  2. Grats on the release!
    I like the new look, although it took me a few hours to adjust to the new color saturation. I can see you put a lot of effort in the character detail of the priest/noble. Well done, looking forward to you next release.

  3. This looks excellent. Keep up the good work.

  4. There is something wrong with your download links...Please check it out!!!

  5. Download Links fixed, everything should work fine now

    1. Links for ENB and Post Processing don't seem to be working?

    2. Switched all files to a new server. Downloads are available now!

  6. Thanks a ton! Also, great work with all this, I love your work!

  7. Thanks for this i'm downloading right now Thanks again bro you're really an excellent person thank you for cares about Our Ancient Egypt ^_^ i'm Egyptian by the way Nice to meet all of you my Friends and i Really Love Who Cares About Egypt and the egyptian ^_^

  8. Thank You Again Horus Please Keep it up and don't Leave This Blog dead
    Please upload alot of Custom Scenarios if you can Please ^_^