Sunday, September 9, 2012

H.T.O.P. Version 0.2 released

* H.T.O.P. Version 0.2 released *

After 4 month of hard work I am happy to be able to release

Horus Texture Overhaul Project 0.2
Many hours of image editing and picture search have passed since April and lead to this major release. It includes over 120 new textures for Children of the Nile.

You will experience a whole new look for nearly all of the buildings ingame.
By now, almost 90 percent of all buildings have been retextured.
In addition to that, the whole environment has been redone, offering high quality trees, animals and much more for you to discover.

Any kind of feedback is welcome!




  1. amazing, wish more people would see your great work

  2. Wow, nice! I just got into this game, and this only makes it look soooo much better!