Friday, November 16, 2012

Work on final version begins...

After being absent from CotN for quite a while, I started work on H.T.O.P 0.3, which will also be the last release / final version. Right now, most of the retexturing is done and I will try to get this game looking as good as possible.

Since the last time I actually played the game lots of time has passed, so I started a new campain and took some nice screenshots, which I want to share with you. The screenshots were taken with the ENB series activated. They present really well how far this project has come. Thanks for all who have encouraged me to keep on working.


  1. bonjour, savez-vous comment installer ce mod sur la version de cotn alexandrie ??

  2. bonour, je n'ai pas alexandrie, mais avez-vous essayer de copier les fichiers dans votre dossier "graphics" comme il est dit dans la description?

  3. oui, enfete, j'ai téléchargé sur steam la version d’Alexandrie, sur la version normale de cotn, les mods fonctionnent, et c'est magnifique, merci infiniment !!!