Wednesday, May 22, 2013

!!! H.T.O.P. Final released !!!

* H.T.O.P. Final released *

After over one year of hard work I am happy to be able to release

Horus Texture Overhaul Project Final
It's done!
Over one year after the first texture was edited, this project has finally come to an end. More than 180 textures were remade from scratch - in uncountable hours of painfull image editing.
The result is really worth it! I promisse that it won't be easy to get your eyes of this game anymore.

Now this project is over, I will spend my time doing other things.
(All fans of Sims 3, visit my Sims 3 Big Apple New York World Blogspot

None the less, I am sure that this wasn't my last journey to the Nile, as now, there is really a reason to zoom in and watch my ancient egypt metropolis grow and grow!

Concerning this blog, I will try to maintain it as long as possible to make sure that the files are ready to download in the future and to be able to respond to feedback or help solving problems.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to all you dear visitors, who have encouraged me to keep on working on the project.

Have fun playing this great game so that it won't be forgotten over time!
May your journeys on the Nile always be peaceful.




  1. I think i played very little of this game before. 5 missions, probably. The gameplay and complexity is daunting. I hope this will change my mind. I appreciate the effort.

  2. congratz on all your hard work
    <3 you Horus

  3. Great job! Thank you very much man!
    Some textures are amazing!
    You're awesome!

  4. It is great to have people like you dedicated to improving such games for all to enjoy. THANKS!

    1. Oh and you should post this up on the ModDB site! Perhaps more people like myself (who look for mods of some of their favorite old games from time to time) may stumble upon this. :D

    2. Thanks for the hint, I have done as you said and added it to ModB :)

  5. hey man, great work! thank you for your trouble, really, this is just what I was looking for. However, my game won't start when I copy the "graphics" folder over. any ideas why this would happen? is it because I have the enhanced, GOG version of the game? I can only hope you see my comment after all this time. :)

  6. Hey, I still check here regularly, don't worry :)
    I am pretty sure this is because you use the COG versions of the game.
    An attempt would be to check if any files from the mod differ in an unusual way from the original ones. Are there any conspicuities?
    Otherwise I would guess that it is related to the dbcopgraphics.dat file as that surely differs from the version you are using. Have you also copied that file?

  7. This is fantastic, really impressive work. I'm using this + ENB series and it looks great. Also created a profile in Catalyst to force Antialiasing at MSAA 8x adaptative altough i'm not sure if it cancels out with the FXAA from the ENB. I think it looks a little bit better, if you can check it out. Thanks!

  8. Horus your Awesome :) i have not tried the Mod yet But Downloading it right now Thank you Greeting From Egyptian << :D

  9. Thanx a lot fot this mod. Great & impressive work you've done, 4 a wonderfull game :-)

  10. (I tried to leave a comment before, but nothing showed up after submitting. Apologies if I end up with two comments now.)

    Incredible work. Obviously it was a labor of love for you. It looks like you've moved on now, but you've done more than enough for this game. Thanks!

    1. Let me add I use the GOG version of the game (Complete Edition) and this mod is totally compatible with it.

    2. Thanks for you comment! It makes me happy to see that there are still people showing the same amount of love for the game like I do.
      Keep enjoying it!

  11. Just wanna comment here to show my appreciation for this project as well :)
    I didn't know it existed until someone posted on the GOG forums.

    I'm still in the process of downloaded but I'm sure it will look great in game.

    My number one complaint was always the muddy textures in CotN.
    Now I should be able to jump in and really bite into the game :D

  12. I recently reinstalled the game because I still adore it and stumbled on this re-texturing mod while doing so. You have my thanks, this looks very nice! Very grateful!

  13. Thank you for your hard work on the HD files - The game works well on Windows 7, and looks great. Best wishes - Chris