After it's release in Europe in 2005 I've been playing CotN many times. Somehow, like most of all games, it's been forgotten over time.

In december 2011, when I rediscovered it, I decided to install and play - just to become frustrated by the poor graphics. After spending some time playing arround, the idea of  H.T.O.P was born.
Since the game doesn't allow any changes to it's models, the only way to achieve a better visual outcome was to edit the textures. And that's exactly what H.T.O.P. does!
The original textures all share one characteristic: they have a very low resolution. Thus, I have redone some textures with at least dubbled resolution to achieve a much more qualitative picture in game. Now you actually had a reason to zoom in and watch your beautiful city boost of life!

This was back in Feb 2012 - much has changed since then.

Soon I became really adicted to the idea of giving the game a look that was much more up-to-date and I started the crazy approach to redo all the texture of a whole game alone.
Of course, doing everything from scratch is a very timeconsuming process. So this project has yet taken over one year of constant work on the textures, trying to find the most satisfiying look while not breaking the game's atmosphere. Luckily, it seems that my work will soon come to an end.

The current state of progress is about 95% percent finished and there are only very few changes to be made.

Sail the Nile, dear visitors, but beware: You may fall in love with this beautiful game as much as I did once and you won't be able to get your eyes of the magnificent life in ancient egyt!



  1. what apps/tools do you use for retexing those troublesome dds files? Photoshop cs5 with the Nvidia dds plugin?

  2. I use a nice freeware programm called "paint.NET", which is able to read dds and has lots of nice editing features. Sometimes I use Paint shop pro for the complicated work, too, but the dds plugin doesn't work really well